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September 21, 2015
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October 14, 2015

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest provider of telecommunications services, is the first client introduced to the new POD project implementation methodology adopted by Metrix Software Solutions.

Econet success based on new ‘pod’ approach

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest provider of telecommunications services, is the first client introduced to the new POD project implementation methodology adopted by IsoMetrix. This POD (Participative Orientated Development) method is now being used for the majority of IsoMetrix implementations. The method is highly flexible and adaptable to each client’s unique requirements and state of readiness.

Econet Wireless’s initial scope was a Stakeholder Management solution which allows for the management of detailed information on all stakeholders and records all stakeholder engagements. Additional modules incorporated into the system enables tracking of all media articles about Econet Wireless detailing whether the article is positive or negative, how the article could affect the company, how similar articles could be encouraged or prevented and how negative opinions can be managed and addressed.

This Stakeholder Management engagement brought the agility of IsoMetrix, and the strength of the dashboards, to the attention of the Risk Department, and the decision was taken to extend the project to incorporate Enterprise Risk, Internal Audit and Health, Safety & Environmental Management.

The POD process worked incredibly well, with the project team from IsoMetrix engaging with Econet whilst modifying the standard solutions to fit their requirements. The IsoMetrix POD team consisted of a Project Manager, Business Analyst (BA), Business Intelligence (BI) developer, System Consultant and a tester.

The second POD session took place at the Econet offices in Harare where the team worked with about 15 staff members from Econet Wireless. This direct engagement enabled IsoMetrix to evaluate the build and by using an iterative process the IsoMetrix team modified the system based on the input received across the table from Econet.  The strength of the POD approach is the participation early on in the build and the instant modification of the solution to best fit client requirement.

Collaboration and communication is enhanced by the POD method which is highly successful for gaining insight and sharing knowledge between the two parties. Econet, having early access and participation in their system development and being in a position to enter test data on the site during the build phase, increased efficiency in the implementation of the software and improvement in its usability.

The achievement of this first IsoMetrix POD was the sign-off of specifications by the end of the second POD session. Completion of the project required further formal User Acceptance Testing and user training.

A second phase project has now commenced for Business Continuity Management. Naturally, the POD approach will be employed again.

Explains Margie Wells, IsoMetrix Project Director: “The unique, agile nature of the IsoMetrix product has allowed us to define a project implementation methodology that works to our strengths. The POD approach closely involves our customers, improves communication within our team and between us and the customer, and speeds up the implementation cycle. Momentum is a key ingredient to a successful implementation, and this new approach has allowed us to just get things done, reducing time to implementation by as much as 50%.”


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