Debswana, a client of Metrix Software Solutions for four years, has fine-tuned their IsoMetrix installation to fit their exact needs in a recent upgrade.


The original solutions installed were Safety, Health and Environment, Occupational Health and Hygiene monitoring. Needing to adapt their system, in order to bring it in line with new internal reporting requirements and standards, Debswana thoroughly analysed their system, kept what they liked and replaced what wasn’t working for them.


The main focus areas identified included improving the efficiency of data processing and the integration between modules. The SAP Employee Contractor management system integrates seamlessly with the IsoMetrix solution. As a new staff member is registered in the SAP HR system, they are automatically integrated into the IsoMetrix system, the user profile is created according to the job profile with system security levels assigned, access details are sent via email, and the new employee is then registered on the system. With over 5000 users and contractors on the system, this alleviates administrative backlog and allows the new users to access the system immediately. In addition to integration with SAP, IsoMetrix integrates with Active Directory allowing contractors automatic login to the system.


An employee’s entire work history within Debswana is tracked in IsoMetrix. This means hazardous conditions, to which he is exposed, are monitored; types and frequency of medicals are indicated; testing required at each medical is identified when the medical is booked; and when the employee leaves Debswana or is transferred to a different site or occupation, his open actions are automatically reassigned to his replacement.


Debswana is fastidious about logging all events including observations, near hits and incidents. Although an event might seem trivial, very useful data is obtained and trends are indicated on the dashboards, powered by QlikView. As a result, the company is proactive in implementing countermeasures preventing injury or loss.


CJ Jooste, Metrix’s project manager of the Debswana solution, says, “It is a pleasure to do business with a company like Debswana who use their solution to its absolute capacity and are therefore able to gain the maximum benefit from it.”