October 14, 2014

G is for Governance

By Hayden Green, Head of Sustainability, IsoMetrix Good governance is the product of strong risk and compliance management. So setting them out to have a relationship of equivalence is misleading. GRC therefore is something of a tautology: governance...
October 15, 2014

Great Reputations begin with Quality Management Software

With the help of quality management software you can ensure that your target audience gets what they need when they need it and that every time they come back, your products and services are just better and more impressive. Quality management software and control is specifically important within the manufacturing industry. Ensuring that your products are made according to a […]
October 15, 2014

SHEQ Manager

Need SHEQ Manager Software? IsoMetrix is the Perfect Choice  Those running a business will probably be aware of how important it is to have a SHEQ manager at their disposal. SHEQ stands for Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality, and it incorporates all the risk potentials presented to a business by these various areas. Any one person responsible for all of […]
October 15, 2014

Achieving ISO 9001 Compliance for Your Business

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. This means that those companies that are accredited ISO 9001 compliant will meet with a certain level of quality, and will be required to do so for as long as they want to remain accredited as such. This particular standard is just one amongst many that form […]
October 15, 2014

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

IsoMetrix – A Top ISO 9001 Quality Management System for Your Business In many markets there are requirements for excellence. If you want to be able to compete with others in the same industry, you are going to have to ensure that you can offer a level of quality that cannot be beaten. Many industries impose various standards and expectations […]
November 19, 2014

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Revision

ISO 9001, the world's leading quality management standard, is under revision, with an updated version due by the end of 2015.
December 8, 2014

SHERQ Professionals bring risk and governance solution to Swaziland

A local company, SHERQ Professionals, has partnered with a South Africa based company, Metrix Software Solutions, to bring governance, risk and compliance software to local Swaziland companies as well as government.
March 20, 2015

The Evolution of Governance

Dennis Marketos is a Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of Metrix Software Solutions, developers of IsoMetrix, a leading software solution for the management of Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance. It’s hard to conceive of a million years, let...
September 14, 2015

Improving compliance and quality through business process automation

Business process automation is the automation of activities or tasks that time consuming and mundane in nature. Business process automation involves the use of technology to transform and...