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Transnet: Management made easy

Transnet Freight Rail implemented IsoMetrix for quality management throughout the organization in 2005. Prior to implementing IsoMetrix, systems had been primarily paper- and spreadsheet-based which made the generation of reports and the analysis of trends extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Quick facts

Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Industry Transport
Solution Quality management
Number of employees 2 900
Previous system Manual

The roll-out of IsoMetrix took only three months. The most difficult aspects of the project were the consolidation and import of data from the previous systems and spreadsheets, and managing change. As Felix Nel, Executive Manager (IMS) Enterprise Risk Management, at Transnet Freight Rail explains: “We have just under 3 000 users of the system. I would estimate that around 60% of them took to the system instantly, but we had to work with the other 40% to encourage them to take ownership.”

Why IsoMetrix?, one might ask. Nel responds: “IsoMetrix has created a single platform for all the management systems applicable to Transnet Freight Rail. It is a tool which formalises management systems, documentation and records and co-ordinates and monitors activities relating to the various risk disciplines.

“The system allows us to comply to both national and international standards and with legal and regulatory requirements. With our ultimate aim of being one of the top five railway companies in the world by 2019, it is essential that we are able to monitor and track all audits, inspections, meetings, customer interactions and non-conformances. We do this through the Action Management function. By ensuring people close out the actions allocated to them, we are creating a strong culture of accountability.”

“We now have instant access to our data. Because we have real-time reporting, we can easily manage performance. Our ability to attend to customer relations issues has also improved due to the ability to escalate non-conformances immediately.” Felix Nel, Executive Manager (IMS), Enterprise Risk Management

Talking about the benefits of the system, Nel goes on to say, “We provide our own training and support internally with trained administrators. If necessary, technical support is available from the service provider. The IsoMetrix system does not require intense maintenance which means that we have very low downtime. The structural flexibility of the solution allows for ease of use at all levels."

“Prior to implementation in 2005, we had paper systems and fragmented independent systems. IsoMetrix has allowed us to manage and monitor our management systems effectively with a single point of entry for all management system related matters. Our prior set-up was very people-intensive and had centralized capturing. With decentralized, electronic capturing, there has been a vast improvement in operational efficiencies.”

Paul de Kock, Director of IsoMetrix, says: “We are proud to have partnered with Transnet Freight Rail in this project, and of the benefits IsoMetrix has been able to provide the organisation. It has also been a pleasure to work with people like Felix who are passionate about what they do, and single-minded in their desire to bring about positive change.”

IsoMetrix is a market leader in the development of software for governance, risk and compliance. IsoMetrix has been deployed in a wide range of clients, from large corporations to smaller businesses.

The ability to rapidly implement complex systems, to provide customers with control over areas of governance, and to integrate disparate business systems, has led to IsoMetrix being widely recognised as a leading provider of management system applications and consulting services, including internal controls, content management and business performance management.

IsoMetrix Case Study Transnet Freight Rail - ( 702.267 kB )
IsoMetrix Case Study Transnet Freight Rail IsoMetrix Case Study Transnet Freight Rail