Business Intelligence

IsoMetrix, the governance and compliance (GRC) solutions software firm, is taking its IsoMetrix application – featuring an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) embedded version of the QlikView business intelligence tool – global.

After a year of successfully marketing and supporting the combined QlikView business intelligence and IsoMetrix application in Africa, Metrix is now ready to expand into Australia, Chile, and the UK. The company already has a presence in Africa operating through partners in Kenya and Namibia.

Paul de Kock, Director at IsoMetrix, says IsoMetrix has primarily made use of partners, who specialize in governance solutions, for distribution and support of its software in new regions. “The model continues largely unchanged, but we also intend setting up an office in Australia early next year and possibly the UK shortly thereafter,” he says.

Business Intelligence as a Growth Catalyst

De Kock says QlikView has been instrumental in IsoMetrix’s growth, both in terms of next-level functionality and territorial growth. “QlikView has allowed us to deliver a world-class solution in a very short timeframe, and has been a catalyst for our rapid and continuing growth,” he says.

He explains that the companies have a shared focus on rapid results. “We’ve built our reputation on the IsoMetrix platform’s easy, almost limitless configurability. Non-technical business users can custom-create complex, powerful sustainability solutions for practically any application.”

“QlikView fits right into that paradigm by empowering business users with powerful, easy-to-use and easily modeled analytics,” says DavideHanan, MD, QlikView South Africa. “The software produces rapidly-designed, simple-to-use but powerful analytic data apps. It puts business analysis in the hands of the business.”

“Analytics is an important component of IsoMetrix’s solutions, as the subject matter of its compliance and governance functioning lends itself perfectly to analytics,” says De Kock.

Starting out by managing compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000 and ISO 31000 in the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and risk areas, the company has since broadened its reach into all other areas of business governance and compliance. “Our suite of solutions has extended beyond HSE to include CRM, enterprise risk management, and sustainability reporting,” De Kock says.

Meeting Customers’ needs

“Whether the customer’s need is for managing sustainability, such as carbon footprinting, or internal control systems, our platform offers the ability to quickly and easily create a Web-based application to accommodate these requirements, often replacing non-integrated paper- or spreadsheet-based systems. Our customers then have a secure, centralized solution that gives them control, accountability, and visibility over their internal processes,” De Kock says.

But while IsoMetrix has always been great at capturing and managing data, the platform’s analytics are constantly being enhanced, De Kock continues.

“To turn data into discernible trends, exceptions, red flags and so on, which help management streamline operations, plan for the future and most importantly mitigate risk, we need strong analytics and management dashboards,” he says. “Originally, we looked at all the major global business intelligence (BI) providers, and have been very satisfied with our selection of QlikView.”

Shared Values

“We look forward to continued co-operation and collaborative development with QlikView, whom we regard as a company we share important values and strengths with,” says De Kock.


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