The heart of your digital risk ecosystem: Top 4 latest innovations in IsoMetrix

These days, there is an app for everything. Individual, specialized software applications are useful, but they are ultimately more trouble than they are worth. In software especially, the adage “greater than the sum of its parts” holds true. Integrated software functions as a body, and that body needs a heart to bring it to life.

As technologies converge, there is an ever-growing need for applications like IsoMetrix that connect other operational and strategic systems, collecting and pumping data to where it needs to go. In the case of risk management, IsoMetrix sits at the heart of your digital ecosystem.

IsoMetrix predominantly uses three processes:

  • Data Capture: users entering data manually, user initiated, semi-automated processes like file imports, and fully automated integrations with other management systems, IoT and big data
  • Data Flow: within the IsoMetrix system, data flows through a number of processes, workflows and approvals
  • Data visualization: analysis and output

We strive to continue developing features and functionality that provide clients with a full ESG management tool.

Here are our top 4 latest innovations in IsoMetrix

1. My Workspace


The My Workspace feature allows a user to view all the items in IsoMetrix that require their attention, in a single interface.

This example includes open actions, displayed with statuses and due dates, as well as some inspections and incidents that require review. These interfaces can be tailored to a customer’s specific user roles and security permissions.

2. PDF Reporting Framework

We extended our reporting framework to deliver pre-filled, regulatory or custom PDF reports. What this means is that we are now able to make use of any PDF document provided either by a client or third party. At the press of a button, those actions can be completed in IsoMetrix and the documents can be delivered to a user.

Some of the regulatory reports we’re making available in the USA includes:

  • OSHA 300, 300A, 301
  • MSHA 7000-1

Reports in Canada include:

  • Workers Compensation Board – C040 and C060
  • WorkSafe BC – Form 6A and 7 - Report of Injury
  • WSIB Ontario – Form 7
  • CNESST – 1939A

We can also populate any other client specific PDF forms.

3. Office 365 – Adaptive Cards

IsoMetrix co-exists alongside many other applications in an integrated system. In many, the information from all those systems flows through a user’s email inbox at some point, through notifications. This means a lot of time is spent going through emails.

In an effort to bridge the gap between constant navigation between email and other systems, we’re introducing a new integration with Microsoft Office 365, utilizing their Adaptive Cards functionality. This allows IsoMetrix users to perform specific pre-defined tasks and updates directly from their email inbox.

The current use cases for this integration includes:

  • Checklists and assessments
  • Actions management
  • Basic event reporting, hazard identification and observation

We work with our customers to help them get the full benefit in other processes in the application. This functionality runs in Office 365 on the web and in Outlook for Windows, iOS and Android

4. Public Forms

We now allow the submission of pre-defined forms directly from a public-facing website. This means that clients can collect information from individuals outside of their organization for a number of different processes – without the need to either manually capture the information in IsoMetrix or providing application access to these users.

Forms can easily be published on any client or third-party website and the collected data is automatically sent to IsoMetrix. Some of the use cases for this new feature include:

  • Anonymous incident reporting
  • Capturing of complaints and grievances
  • Supplier, contractor registration forms
  • Requests for donations or sponsorships

In addition to the product features in our roadmap we also need integrations with other systems to enable your digital ecosystem.

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