Partnership: Stronger Together

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Partnership: Stronger Together

2019 has been an exciting year for IsoMetrix, being recognized for the first time as a Leader in EHS, organizing our first North American Customer Day, and receiving a major investment from the Carlyle Group. The investment from the Carlyle Group will go into product research and development.

We have also successfully revamped our project team to adopt an agile methodology, appointing team members with experience and background in EHS, ESG, and software.

This year has, and will be, dominated by the growing COVID-19 crisis. It’s imperative we find the balance between remaining positive and managing what is currently an uncertain future. At IsoMetrix, we believe that together we are stronger; and that through collaboration we can support each other through these challenging times. We are also looking ahead to what the ‘new normal’ will be post-Covid-19. We plan to accelerate our investment in R&D to ensure we emerge on the other side as an even stronger and more sustainable business, ready for the new normal. Key to this strategy are our strategic advisory, implementation, and technology partners with the variety of value-add they can bring to support this strategy.

In terms of Channel partners, we have recently announced a new collaboration with Laragon in an effort to expand in Latin America and Europe. We have actively engaged with key players in the EHS Digital Services landscape. Most of them attended our Customer Day in Atlanta in September last year. We have trained key partners in Toronto, Atlanta and Johannesburg; some of them already providing tender opportunities in the North America and Australia.

In terms of Technology and Content partners, we have developed an efficient and integrated solution for managing tailings dams with IoT.nxt. We have also recently engaged with RealWear, and demonstrated their products at the Customer Day. We have entered into a partnership with MineRP to offer the market an unmatched advantage in integrated risk and production management. Our two companies’ software products provide a combined ecosystem to facilitate real-time management of risk, hazards and critical controls, underpinned by three-dimensional spatial visualization. We have engaged actively with content providers like Verisk 3E which enables companies to improve compliance with EHS and supply chain obligations through the entire lifecycle of chemicals and products. We also work with Libryo, a legal technology company, which adds value to our customers by increasing efficiency and saving time in knowing the specific, up-to-date regulatory obligations, they face at any time.

In 2020, our partner ecosystem will become the cornerstone of our growth. We are not just competing on a local level; we are competing globally. And we cannot do it alone. The pace of technology change and the complexity of many industries is outpacing the resources available - talent and capital are finite, and tapping into a partner ecosystem gives greater access to both. A successful partner ecosystem helps us grow revenue, boost market expansion, assemble holistic solutions, accelerate time to market, and build trust with our customers.

When thinking specifically about how our partner ecosystem can boost our market expansion, we have set up these three strategic objectives for 2020:

  1. Grow with our partners: we will continue to proactively engage our partners and manage our deal pipeline. We will work with partners early on in the pre-pipeline process, taking on board their feedback and ideas on new solutions. They can also add value to deals by bringing in their own offerings. We are setting up regular meetings with our regional sales representatives and key partners. In 2020, we want to increase the frequency of those engagements, and make them global (involving our other teams in South Africa, Australia and Europe).
  2. Collaborate with our partners by sharing our culture and strategy for digital transformation. We have recently finalized a partner on-boarding program to share knowledge on our platform, technology, and solutions. Digital experts from Golder and Ernst and Young have recently attended our first advanced implementation training in Atlanta. For 2020, we have revamped our partner newsletter and are now scheduling quarterly webinars to provide updates on our product roadmap and new features.
  3. Co-create innovative solutions with partners to build capabilities and become more competitive. In 2020, we will release a new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting solution with the NOSA Group in South Africa. The tool aims to standardize the capturing, measuring and actioning of our clients’ ESG data. We actively involve our partners in solution testing, and where appropriate, engage with their SMEs and build better business cases.

We are not alone on this journey. We want to continue building trust with our partners and look forward to the future!


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