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Webinar: How software is taking ESG management and reporting to the next level

Watch our on-demand webinar, which covers multiple aspects on how technology and software is being used to manage ESG better.

Watch now.

With ESG management now an important strategic function for all businesses, many are looking to optimize this aspect of their operations.

Employing software in ESG management and reporting gives organizations a powerful tool for doing so.

Join IsoMetrix Project Manager Shannon Lardi and IsoMetrix ESG Lead Robin Bolton as they discuss the various ways in which software takes ESG management and reporting to the next level in our on-demand webinar.

Some of the topics covered by our ESG experts include:

  • What is ESG? How is it defined?
  • Current drivers for ESG
  • ESG challenges for organizations (hint: it’s regarding the data)
  • Materiality and double materiality
  • How does software help in identifying, managing, and reporting on ESG data
  • How software can assist with driving improvement in ESG performance
  • Advice for companies not sure about how to begin their ESG journey (hint: don’t take on too much, too soon)
  • Lessons from having implemented and worked with ESG software in big industry

Watch now.