Fortifying our partner strategy

The Partner Management team is excited to share how we are cultivating expertise and efficiency on a global scale with an expanding partner ecosystem.

What’s new in our partner ecosystem?

New companies have recently joined our partner ecosystem, increasing our reach in delivering EHS solutions across the globe:

      • In Canada, Frostbyte Consulting brings valuable EHS technology services in implementing IsoMetrix for customers throughout North America. Our company leaders share the same vision, with our teams collaborating in Calgary and Toronto
      Benoit and Michael Blog
      Benoit Froment (IsoMetrix) and Michael Culkin (Frostbyte Consulting) in Toronto
      • In the United States, IsoMetrix now partners with Huco Consulting. They help our customers to improve the management of their compliance, risk, and performance via the implementation of our IsoMetrix software solutions and are in the process of becoming IsoMetrix certified
      • In Latin America, Sustainable Strategies helps our customers with their ESG data compilation and analysis. Sustainable Strategies is an environmental and sustainability consulting firm that works closely with responsible developers, investors, and decision-makers, ensuring that companies and projects are socially, environmentally, and economically viable
      • In Europe, IsoMetrix has partnered with UK-based independent global sustainability data consultancy, SustainIt to provide an optimized risk management solution. Whilst IsoMetrix supplies the market with leading environmental, health and safety (EHS), and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) software solutions, SustainIt assists customers in understanding how to get the most from their IsoMetrix product

      What’s new for partners?

      To reinforce our commitment to our partners, we have released a new learning management system to enhance the overall partner enablement experience. It offers new e-learning courses to facilitate better understanding and easier implementation of our IsoMetrix software solutions.

      We have also completed the development of our certification process for partner Technical Solutions Experts (TSE). This will enable our partners to perform advanced Business Intelligence services such as system integration, data import/export, and the configuration of various dashboards.

      Finally, we have launched a new IsoMetrix partner service portal to improve the partner experience with our Enablement Team. Partners can submit requests such as training and/or service assistance, as well as make suggestions and propose innovations. I believe this takes our partner experience to the next level.

      Partner Service Portal

      Here is what some of our partners had to say about working with IsoMetrix:

      I must say that since I start­ed work­ing side by side with the Part­ner Enable­ment Man­ag­er, the process has been eas­i­er and more flu­id. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant from the begin­ning, hav­ing a con­tact per­son who knows where to find the rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion, and who can pro­vide answers and advice.”


      The IsoMetrix team is always avail­able to imme­di­ate­ly respond to any request. I found them easy to work with, and I hope that this part­ner­ship becomes stronger over time.”

      Ernst & Young

      The IsoMetrix team has been awe­some to deal with and I am hap­py with our part­ner­ship. We are thrilled to be grow­ing with IsoMetrix.”

      Revolution Development Asia

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