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CASE STUDY: World Class Business Continuity Management in Practice
Business continuity management is all about recognizing potential threats to your organization and establishing a framework to mitigate and manage operations in the event of a disruption. Absa, a major bank in South Africa uses IsoMetrix as part of an award winning crisis management and resilience initiative. The bank’s application of the solution led to it winning the 2018 BCI Africa Continuity and Resilience Award.
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Podcast: Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement - Cecilia Jofré on COVID-19
The mining industry can expect a greater focus on business continuity as it emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, Cecilia Jofré, IsoMetrix Chief Sales Officer and Business Director said in a podcast interview with Chris Cann from the Mining Journal. She said the pandemic had taken the industry by surprise and many leaders were now being forced to ‘’dust off’’ their emergency response plans and assess whether they were fit for purpose. ‘'Certainly, there will be a heightened awareness on public health, which is going to spill over in terms of how mining engages in the future, Cecilia explained. ‘’The will be new protocols we will all have to observe and that will be more of an intense look at these policies now and into the future.’’ Listen to this podcast
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