Transnet Safety League

IsoMetrix agile framework delivers spectacular results

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Transnet SOCThe Transnet Safety Culture programme is a behaviour-based programme which is based on a sports league concept. Participating sites are ranked according to their performance against a set of predefined measures.


In keeping with the Transnet Safety League analogy, sites are referred to as clubs with a unique name for that site decided upon by employees to promote a sense of camaraderie. Clubs submit their safety data monthly. This data is divided into a set of “goals” where clubs earn points based on a predefined formula, and “red cards” where they lose points.


Data is analysed to determine areas of strength and those which require development. Clubs are ranked according to total points earned each month. A cumulative score determines each club’s overall ranking. The long term goal is to enable each site within Transnet to become a safe working site.


As the Transnet Safety League evolved, so too did the needs of Transnet’s Safety Culture team. Because IsoMetrix had been tried and tested within two operating divisions of Transnet and the IsoMetrix framework has standard built-in features such as security levels, audit trails and the uploading of documents, the decision to use IsoMetrix was relatively straightforward. The flexibility of IsoMetrix allowed a tailored solution to be created through the configuration of specific fields and the development of custom reports and dashboards.


This flexibility was a key factor in successfully meeting Transnet SOC’s timelines and also assisted in matching the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and the specified business requirements.


Implementation took three months from the first meeting. Mosima Selota, Transnet’s IT Project Manager, commented on the implementation process saying, “We had an excellent working relationship with the Metrix team. All personnel involved were very professional and the testing team were eager to assist with all our requirements. They had a real ‘can-do’ attitude.”


With over 50 000 employees across the operating divisions of Transnet SOC, the issue of safety is paramount in day to day operations. Following on from the Soccer World Cup being held in South Africa, Transnet launched its Safety Culture Programme in August 2010. The Transnet Safety Leagues are a part of the programme which is aimed at embedding good safety practices that are becoming inherent in how Transnet conducts its daily business.


The Transnet Safety League system has been installed on a Transnet server allowing intranet access to all clubs throughout the country. This has alleviated duplication of data entry and potential human error.


Visibility of Safety throughout the country is available through the dashboards which are embedded in the software.


The dashboards make visible comparative analysis between clubs as well as between operating divisions. Trends can be tracked and analysed, such as alcohol testing versus safety incidents.


“The agility of the IsoMetrix framework allowed us to configure a system to our specific needs quickly and  cost-effectively.” Mosima Selota Transnet Project Manager


Goals are scored through measurable data such as the rate of attendance at shift meetings and safety symposiums, the use of Personal Protective Equipment, the number of good safety practice slips issued; and the rate of referrals to the Employee Assistance Programme.


Red cards are given for number of people caught for alcohol or substance abuse whilst on duty; the rate of unplanned leave; number of disabling injuries; and the number of incidents with cost of damages reported.


All of this data is inputted and available to any club to see as soon as it has been entered. Clubs that do well are incentivised with rewards.