Thought Leadership

How company-community conflict develops

Mining activity has a significant impact. Mines bring social, economic and environmental change to the regions in which they operate. When the perceived share of wealth is unbalanced or does not meet the expectations of affected communities, it often leads to... read more

Four Reasons why PDAC 2017 was worth attending

By Benoit Froment, Director North America for IsoMetrix. Attendance at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) 2017 Convention totalled 24 161 – a strong indication that confidence has returned to the mineral exploration and mining... read more

Changes in King IV: The impact on companies’ approach to risk

Dr. Len Konar, member of the King Committee on Corporate Governance presented the keynote address “Changes in King IV: the impact on Companies’ approach to Risk and Audit” at IsoMetrix’s King IV and its impact on Risk, Audit and Integrated Reporting Seminar on 9... read more

Stop the stoppages – Preventing Section 54

The conflict between the law’s intention and its application arises when an entire mining operation is closed for only one affected workplace or plant. Steve Simmonds, Executive Head of Business Development at IsoMetrix, explains how this issue could be resolved.

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The ultimate guide to workplace safety

6 tips to make your work environment safer By Paul Marketos, IsoMetrix Director and Co-Founder   In the sea of worn out safety tips such as “be aware of your surroundings”, “take regular breaks” and “stay sober”, you cannot be blamed for thinking of workplace... read more

What you need to know about the Dakota Access Pipeline

The High Cost of Losing the Social License to Operate By Benoit Froment, Director North America for IsoMetrix. The Dakota Access Pipeline is becoming the new David against Goliath story. A group of Native American tribes succeeded in protecting their water supply and... read more

SHEQ Integrated Risk Management Framework

By Steve Simmonds, Executive Head: Business Development at IsoMetrix Quality is defined as a measure of consistent excellence brought about by a strict commitment to standards that achieve uniformity of a product in order to satisfy specific customer or user... read more

Why ‘Best Practice’ is sometimes not enough

By Paul de Kock Best practice is a fluid concept, especially in the rapidly evolving Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) landscape. You often hear about ‘best practice’ when it comes to implementing GRC solutions. Too often, though, the idea of ‘best practice’ is... read more

Integrated reporting – the journey to sustainability

The way business is being run is changing and integrated reporting is fast becoming part of normal business practice. Integrated reporting and integrated thinking are the next steps in our journey to sustainable business. Integrated reporting quantifies this journey... read more