Compliance Management and Legal Register

Increase efficiency and reduce the chances of non-compliance with IsoMetrix’s Compliance Management and Legal Register solution


The IsoMetrix Compliance Management and Legal Register provides a central platform and an integrated risk based approach to managing all compliance requirements faced by organisations.

Although compliance initiatives often start as projects to meet a specific requirement, for compliance management programmes to be effective they need to be repeatable, sustainable, and visible.

Traditionally, this is managed using a variety of stand-alone or spreadsheet-based systems. Such environments do not provide clear visibility into an organisation’s risk and compliance profiles, compromising efficiency and increasing the risk of non-compliance.

Compliance Management and Legal Register – an integrated management solution

The IsoMetrix Compliance Management solution provides a robust compliance management framework which seamlessly integrates with IsoMetrix ERM, IsoMetrix HSEC Management and IsoMetrix Sustainability Management solutions. Once compliance risks are identified, described and prioritised, a systematic process of investigation, action planning and management is triggered.

What the Compliance Management and Legal Register solution has to offer:

Management of Organisations’ Compliance Universe

An organisation’s compliance universe typically includes applicable legislation (acts and regulations), codes, standards, guidelines and internal policies. These can be integrated into the IsoMetrix Compliance Universe from third party content suppliers or easily created as compliance templates directly in the solution.

Compliance templates provide the organisation with a framework to set up a limitless set of compliance requirements covering every aspect of their compliance universe. These could be based on legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, standards such as ISO 31 000, guidelines such as GRI or internal policies around procurement and supplier payments for example.

While the compliance templates give the organisation the flexibility to manage compliance against their entire compliance universe, organisations typically require a more structured approach specifically when dealing with legislative compliance. To this end IsoMetrix offers a tailored legal compliance universe with legal content provided and updated by Implex.

Tailored Legal Compliance Universe

Tailored Legal Compliance Universe is populated with all the acts (national and provincial) and regulations including legal codes and legal standards material to the organisation. The sub-sections of each act are summarised in plain English, with the applicability and potential penalties of each section clearly displayed.

Update Service to Maintain the Legal Universe

Update Service to Maintain the Legal Universe. For the legal universe to remain valuable, and to comply with the requirements of ISO, OHSAS and King III, it needs to be updated regularly. The updates include:

  • identification of new, amended and additional applicable legislation
  • updating full versions and actual text of identified legislation
  • a summary of applicable sections in plain English
  • classification of legislation
  • linking to applicable search topics
Legal Update Bulletin

Legal Update Bulletin sends users periodic updates of new acts, regulations, bills, draft regulations, notices, white papers and green papers, local and provincial legislation and newsworthy items in the legal universe.


News Flashes are sent to users informing them of the relevant notifications as and when they are published in Government Gazettes.

Compliance Risk Assessment

Compliance Risk Assessment generates compliance checklists directly from the compliance templates and the legal compliance universe, based on the user’s selection of a relevant compliance topic or a particular legal document. The user is then able to assess the compliance risk for each requirement knowing that they are assessing against their current requirements and the latest legislation.

Control Identification and Assessment

Control Identification and Assessment identifies and documents controls for all high risk compliance issues. These assessments form the basis of ongoing control monitoring via scheduled assessments or through control self-assessments conducted regularly by the control owners throughout the organisation.

Non-Compliance Register

Non-Compliance Register enables the management of business incidents, loss events and non-compliances as an integral part of the compliance management framework. These can be logged and investigated, and action plans can be set up to correct problems and prevent recurrence.

Consolidated Action Plans

Consolidated Action Plans are compiled via the Central Action Manager collating all actions arising from all compliance modules. Through the alerts and dashboards the management team is able to ensure accountability is taken for specific tasks, driving continual improvement.

What are the benefits of the IsoMetrix Compliance Management and Legal Register solution?

  • Gives the organisation an all-encompassing view of its compliance universe
  • Provides the organisation with a tailored legal and regulatory compliance universe
  • Enables consistent repeatable compliance assessments against the requirements defined within the organisation’s compliance universe
  • Streamlines control management, enabling process owners to take direct responsibility for managing controls while allowing auditors to focus on key compliance risks
  • Facilitates the tracking of action plans to address any identified non-compliance, compliance risk or deficient control
  • Provides comprehensive compliance dashboards which offer enterprise-wide visibility into compliance and highlights issues that need to be addressed
  • Provides seamless integration with IsoMetrix ERM, IsoMetrix HSEC Management and IsoMetrix Sustainability Management solutions

Compliance Management and Legal Register Dashboards – Analytics powered by QlikView

Insightful and interactive dashboards, designed to drive operational improvement at all levels of the organisation

  • View compliance risk at all levels of the organisation
  • Identify key control weaknesses and failures
  • See trends in non-compliance incidents
  • Monitor your action plans to completion

Implex Legal Compliance Universe

Implex is an independent legal consultancy that specialises in legal and regulatory compliance and provides a fully comprehensive legal universe which can be tailored to an organisation’s specific material requirements. Implex has developed compliance universes for organisations in numerous countries throughout Africa including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia and DRC.

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