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Control in an evolving environment with information management

Information management is critical to good governance. The most common hurdle is that information is scattered across the organisation in a myriad of spreadsheets, documents and stand-alone systems.

Agile information management software framework – Everything. In one place.

  • IsoMetrix’s information management bridges the gap between IT’s demand for centralisation and management’s need for customisation and information visibility, while providing the controls essential for information integrity.
  • IsoMetrix offers unrivalled flexibility, allowing your information management systems to evolve with your changing business needs.
  • IsoMetrix with analytics powered by QlikView provides the necessary foundation for dashboard-based reporting against strategic objectives and KPIs, consolidating information across the enterprise.

What is IsoMetrix?

IsoMetrix is an agile application framework, a tool that allows you to create sophisticated web-based applications through a simple drag-and-drop process.

IsoMetrix assists businesses to gather, manage and share business information and report on business performance in line with specific process requirements.

IsoMetrix effectively integrates different business processes in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way thus creating an effective data management sharing solution.

 Information Management In a nutshell

  • IsoMetrix lets IT serve business like never before.  IsoMetrix delivers business value immediately because few new skills are needed to produce custom IsoMetrix applications.
  • IsoMetrix offers the best of both worlds – an off-the-shelf system that is completely customisable. Move beyond the build or buy debate – you can now buy IsoMetrix and build exactly what you need.
  • IT managers and business analysts can rapidly create cutting edge applications that focus on the processes that matter most to business users.
  • They can quickly extend and enhance those applications as business needs change.
  • IsoMetrix’s self-service model also means the financial and time costs of on-going requests for new functionality from business users are dramatically lowered without compromising data security, quality and governance.

Some of the key benefits if the IsoMetrix information management solution are:

The IsoMetrix agile application framework empowers business users across the company to operate more efficiently and successfully.

  • Innovative system allows multiple, tailored business management tools to be created and accessed through one centralised web based platform.
  • IT sprawl and data redundancy is controlled.
  • Replace multiple, unintegrated systems with a single, centralised solution.
  • Design your own smart notifications for streamlining communication.
  • Unique sorting and searching tools to enable effective analysis and reporting.
  • Complete performance visibility through real-time reports and management dashboards – IsoMetrix analytics are powered by QlikView.
  • Fast and efficient searching and viewing of records even with large data volumes.
  • Full audit trail for each and every change to a record.
  • Easy integration with third-party systems.

What applications can be created using IsoMetrix information management?

Through the flexibility offered by the IsoMetrix agile application framework, the range of applications is almost endless. Examples include:

  • Time keeping
  • Call centre
  • Complaints Management
  • Human resource solutions such as employee records and leave management
  • Training records management
  • Project and process management
  • Permit management
  • Action management
  • Risk management
  • And many more …

IsoMetrix Agile Application Framework – How does it work?

IsoMetrix’s agile application framework fits the requirements of IT and provides a low-risk solution to the overall data management needs of the organisation.

This information management solution allows for maximum flexibility in functionality design providing a high level of alignment with business methodologies and look and feel.

Through the creation of custom modules, interfaces, reports and notifications, IsoMetrix can grow and evolve over time as an organisation’s requirements develop and evolve.

What about help implementing IsoMetrix?


Custom training material based on your configured solution can be created to train all users. A train the trainer approach can also be followed.

IsoMetrix Application Templates

Start with predefined IsoMetrix templates which can be deployed as is or modify the templates to better suit your need.

IsoMetrix Custom Solution

For expert enhancements or specialised applications you don’t have time to create yourself, speak to an IsoMetrix Business Consultant, who can design and build a custom web-based database for you—within your budget and timeframe.

What can I get out of IsoMetrix’s information management solution?

IsoMetrix Dashboards – Analytics powered by QlikView

IsoMetrix dashboards are powered by QlikView. QlikView is a world-leading Business Intelligence solution. It is BI software that lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions.

  • Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions.
  • Ask questions and pursue insights on your own or collaboratively.
  • Search across all your data to get the big picture— get results that let you see new connections and relationships across your data.
What about security?

IsoMetrix is specifically designed to protect your organisation’s critical data assets:

  • Enforce group, role-based, and individual user security policies.
  • Control which users see which processes, data, metrics, and results.
  • Define security from the application level all the way down to record level.
  • Supports standard directory service systems such as Microsoft Active Directory.
Unique organisational structure

The system caters for an unlimited number of organisational levels and entities. Each level can be linked to a number of data views and is fully customised to display level specific modules, interfaces, images etc. All data captured in the system is linked to one or more organisational entities for easy management, reporting and security control.

Audit trail

A full audit trail of every change to every record is stored in the IsoMetrix audit trail database.

Information management software in more detail:

Smart Interface Wizard

Navigation in the IsoMetrix system is fully customisable through the creation of custom user Interfaces. An interface can contain data driven dashboards, internal system links, external links, images, custom HTML content, graphics etc.

Smart Notification Wizard

With IsoMetrix it is possible to set up automatic or manual e-mail notifications to notify individuals or groups when records are captured or changed in a particular way e.g. when actions are due or overdue etc.

IsoMetrix is a predominantly Microsoft based application with analytics powered by QlikView. IsoMetrix can either be deployed on a local server, a Metrix hosted server or in the Cloud.

The following technologies are used:
  • The web application is coded in ASP.NET and built on the .NET Framework.
  • The application database is built on SQL Server.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services is used to create custom reports.
  • Charting, dashboards, KPIs and scorecards are powered by QlikView.
  • The database schema is built as the administrator creates the system using the IsoMetrix agile application framework.
  • Tables, stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes and foreign-keys are created for each module of the system as each module is created by the software administrator.
  • The data is stored in a normalised relational model, not a matrix or data dump.
  • IsoMetrix is built with attention to creating minimal load on network and servers.
Smart Report Wizard

A report wizard is available to create tabular reports. This functionality allows companies to plan, design and create their own export reports. Alternatively, client specific reports can be designed by Metrix Software Solutions.

Smart Search

All fields set up on any module can be used as search criteria. The search filters and search results can be defined by the administrator per module and these filters can be applied to reports.

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