Social License to Operate

A mining company’s licence to operate is dependent on the submission and fulfilment of a Social and Labour Plan (SLP) as well as adherence to the Mining Charter. These reports consolidate information that flows from Socio-Economic Development (SED) programmes and projects and from other areas of the business.


The SLP solution

IsoMetrix provides a centralised, integrated web- based solution for all SED and SLP management which works at strategic, managerial and operational levels.
  • SED planning includes strategy, targets, beneficiaries, project initiatives and financial allocations.
  • Each SLP commitment and SED planning initiative is assigned to an internal stakeholder to ensure a culture of responsibility and to drive implementation.
  • Action management – All actions are assigned to individuals and tracked in the Central Action Manager, together with monitoring- related or ad hoc actions.

IsoMetrix provides a central repository for data integrated from the different systems within the Finance, Procurement, HR and HSEC departments. Data is collated and formatted
into both SLP and Mining Charter reports at the push of a button, alleviating the onerous task of manually compiling reports. IsoMetrix provides a single source of data, a single source of reports, and a single platform for auditing. IsoMetrix is ultra-agile, and can easily be tailored to fit the specific requirements of each customer.

Data can be fed into IsoMetrix through three different methods:

  • Integration of data from existing systems
  • Imported from Excel spreadsheets
  • Captured directly into IsoMetrix forms

Having all data in one system provides the organisation with an audit trail of all information logged. The IsoMetrix Social and Labour Plan solution has comprehensive management modules for Socio-Economic Development programmes and projects. These include:

  • Community HRD (scholarships, learnerships, internships and training)
  • Local Economic Development
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Corporate social investment
• The dashboards, powered by QlikView, allow for visible measurement of performance against both submitted SLP and Mining Charter commitments.

Creating the Social and Labour Plan and Mining Charter submissions is typically subject to the following challenges:

  • Multiple systems – The submissions require input from different departments (Finance, Procurement, Human Resources and Health, Safety, Environment & Community) which normally have different information systems.
  • Cost of gathering data – It is time consuming and costly to audit all the different aspects of both reports.
  • Constant change – The Mining Charter and its requirements change frequently.
  • Missing information – There are elements within both the SLP and Mining Charter reports that are often not accommodated within standard systems, such as governance and organisation details.
  • Measuring performance – Performance against key indicators is not measurable as the information is not readily to hand.
  • Collating manual information – The process of manually aggregating spreadsheet-based data from different parts of the organisation, and converting these into meaningful reports, is inherently cumbersome and inefficient.
  • Lack of integration – Departmental data management and reporting processes are typically run within silos, preventing the centralisation and analysis of common data in areas such as Procurement, Compliance, HR and Community Liaison.
  • Pressure on senior management time – Senior managers end up frustrated as too much of their time is spent doing the clerical work of report generation and they are not able to give their full attention to the implementation of the SLP itself.
  • Data manipulation – The same information has to be manually manipulated for input into

Social and Labour Plan Management Features:

Socio-Economic Development (SED) 

This module consists of both Local Economic Development (LED) and Enterprise and Supply Chain Development (SCD), allowing you to:

  • Track all engagements with all stakeholder groups
  • Manage any meetings or complaints
  • Record all agreed minutes and actions in forums and meetings
  • Monitor all learnerships and internships
  • Monitor skills development initiatives in the local community and within the company
  • Track mentorship and incubation initiatives within the supply chain
  • Measure expenditure on social infrastructure projects
  • Track business developmental projects
Human Resource Development (HRD) 

This module allows you to monitor human resource development with the company’s employee base as well as in the extended supply chain.

  • Track all training courses and tuition provided to employees and community members
  • Track bursaries, learnerships, internships and scholarships granted to employees and community members
  • Ability to generate Independent Development Plans (IDPs)
Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Procurement strategy
  • Procurement breakdown via category (goods, services and consumables)
  • Expenditure breakdown per project
  • Stakeholders – service provider database
Corporate Social Investments (CSI) 

  • Investment outside of compliance (sponsorships; donations)
  • Linked to stakeholder community categories
Additional modules specific to the Mining Charter reporting
  • Ownership
  • Procurement and contributions by multinationals
  • Employment equity
  • Accommodation
  • Mining community development (Stakeholder Engagement and Complaints & Grievances)
  • Health & safety
  • Environmental management and compliance
  • Sample analysis
Additional modules specific to Social and Labour Plan reporting
  • Operational details
  • Social and economic background
  • Hard to fill positions
  • Historically disadvantaged South Africans (HDSA) in management
  • Downscaling and retrenchments

Social and Labour Plan Management Benefits

  • SLP and Mining Charter reports at the press of a button
  • Centralised platform for all required data from various systems across different departments
  • Visibility of information through powerful management dashboards
  • Reduced audit time
  • Ability to modify initiatives to meet objectives
  • Responsibility and accountability for all assigned actions
  • Visibility of progress against commitments in the SLP and Mining Charter on a real time basis

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