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Process Compliance and Assurance Software that moulds to your needs…

In many organisations, the management and assurance of quality in various business processes is reliant on systems that are built on Excel spreadsheets, MS Word forms, or even paper based processes.

Spreadsheets’ strengths are their weaknesses:

  • Easy to set up, they are easy to manipulate
  • Versatile for the single user, they become unwieldy when numerous people need to update them
  • They have great tools for creating charts and graphs, but to compile reports across multiple sheets is cumbersome.

Add to this, issues with security, audit trails and version control, and it is easy to see how inefficiencies and inaccuracies can creep into an organisation, with managers spending more time managing spreadsheets and other documents than the processes themselves.

Despite these drawbacks, spreadsheet and MS Word-based systems continue to be used, because they are easy to set up and can be designed around the organisation’s processes.

Our solution

  • IsoMetrix allows you to easily replace Excel and Word-based systems with a centralised, web-based solution that is moulded around your specific business processes. The ultra-agile technology on which IsoMetrix is based, allows input forms and process flows to be created rapidly through a simple drag-and-drop process.
  • As each stage of a process is completed, the notification wizard alerts those responsible for taking the process forward, with approvals and sign-offs built into the process workflow.
  • The integrated dashboards, powered by QlikView, give you visibility as to where attention needs to be applied to improve quality within the process: heat charts, trend lines and traffic lights provide a graphic indication of where expectations are not being met.


  • Because the data flows directly into the dashboards in real-time, immediate action can be taken and small issues dealt with before they become large ones.
  • The need for manual manipulation of figures, or compilation of reports is done away with, freeing up management to focus on improving quality and compliance through training, mentoring or reassessing current strategies.
  • An IsoMetrix solution effectively removes to a large extent the need for cumbersome documentation: because the processes are automated, taking the users through each step of the process, there is less room for error and less need to document each step exactly.
  • The assurance component is tightly integrated, allowing assessments, inspections and audits to be carried out at any stage, giving a clear picture of the process at each point.

A changing landscape

As the ISO standards have evolved, the focus for ISO 9001 in particular has moved from  documenting everything you do to the mapping, implementation and effective management of business processes, thereby assuring quality in the delivery of products and services.

This process-driven approach to quality not only allows for a more streamlined approach to business management, but also allows for risk based thinking within processes by taking into consideration the needs and expectations of stakeholders (e.g. clients or customers, end users, suppliers or regulators).

In alignment with this evolution, in regard to software systems, there is more value to be gained from automating the processes themselves, and the assurance activities used to monitor the quality of the processes, than merely to house all the documentation surrounding the processes.


  • Less rework – A single source of the truth reduces the likelihood of non-conformance with standard processes and ensures immediate corrective actions where non-conformances occur. Since efforts are directed towards quality outputs, rework due to non-conformance is minimised.
  • Increased revenue – Real-time visibility enables management of exceptions and trend analysis, improving service levels and customer satisfaction which lead to increased revenue. Resources are assigned to areas where they will have the greatest impact, reducing costs and wastage.
  • Data driven decision making – The IsoMetrix Process Management and Assurance solution comes with a set of clear instructions regarding process reviews and audits. These instructions facilitate decision making and information gathering based on data, enabling managers to make data driven decisions.


  • Improved accountability, quality and compliance – By creating a systems based approach to process management and assurance, companies create a culture of accountability in the organisation, driving quality improvement and improved compliance levels.
  • Reduction of expensive mistakes – Automated process management enables queries to be identified and attended to before they become issues. Management by exception means managers can identify and focus only on those areas that fall outside acceptable levels and address them efficiently.
  • Increased efficiency – Replacement of manual or spreadsheet systems with automated systems reduces the time spent generating, consolidating and validating reports, freeing up staff to focus on their core activities.

Key Modules

Audit and assessment

Compile internal and external audits or self-assessments directly in the software

  • Supports the entire workflow process including scheduling, audit team, budget, conclusions and approvals
  • Manage all documents used and findings made
  • Manage all action items arising through to close out
  • Generate high quality and complete audit reports in a standard format
  • Inspections completed directly within the system
  • Generate checklists and make available to all users ensuring only one version is in use at any time
  • Results available to all users immediately
  • Full audit trail in case of queries, training or coaching interventions
  • Incidents identified that result in loss or interruption of standard operations are taken through a non-conformance process
  • Follow a structured analysis and root cause identification process as well as preventative and corrective action planning
Document change request
  • Workflow to manage requests for changes to master documents e.g. Checklists
  • Visibility into status of requests including who owns documents, who is tasked with change, stage of process, what has been approved, declined and reasons therefor
Training/ coaching
  • Perform training/ coaching needs analysis through the audit and inspection module
  • Scheduling of training/coaching
  • Record of training and results
Action management and issue tracking
  • Assign actions and tasks
  • Track assigned tasks and actions from creation to close-out with automatic notification and escalation improving completion rates and facilitating exception management
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Improve quality and compliance levels by ensuring action completion
Meeting manager
  • Manage meetings directly in the system
  • Manage attendance and scheduling
  • Agendas, minutes and actions / tasks from previous meeting stored in single location
  • Real-time visibility into the status of the operation
  • Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovation

Why IsoMetrix?

Unmatched Agility. IsoMetrix is an ultra-agile technology. Solutions can quickly and easily be created that match an organisation’s processes, methodologies and terminology exactly.

Designing input forms and process flows involves a simple drag-and-drop process that nontechnical people can carry out. IsoMetrix moulds to your business requirements, resulting in an elegant and intuitive solution.

Visibility. The IsoMetrix dashboards, powered by QlikView, provide sophisticated dashboards that allow you to manage by exception, analysing trends and outliers, and ensuring that assigned tasks are closed out and targets reached.

Assurance. Where reports are generated from various different systems, getting back to the source data when validation or justification of the results is required is nearly impossible. In IsoMetrix you can trust your data. Because data is only captured once, there is less room for error. All reports aggregate records from source and allow drill-down to specific record details, allowing for full assurance and effective audits of the reported data.


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