Occupational Hygiene Management Software

Occupational Hygiene assists hygienists to effectively identify health hazards and mitigate risks

Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the environment in which people work. It helps employers and employees to understand the risks associated with the industry and to improve working conditions and working practices.

These days the range of health risks in the workplace is more varied than ever. Consideration needs to be given to a number of health hazards such as chemicals, noise, heat or cold, ergonomic stresses, ionising radiation, microwaves, infectious diseases and psychological stress. Occupational hygienists have to protect workers from hazards posed by advanced technologies and need to anticipate the risks encountered from other emerging technologies.

The impact of changing demographics and patterns of employment also needs to be considered.

Managing occupational hygiene data is challenging in that information is often stored on paper forms, or in Excel spreadsheets, making it difficult to track trends and identify exceptions. The sensitive nature of the information also means that it is imperative to ensure access to personal data is strictly controlled.

Our Occupational Hygiene solution

The IsoMetrix Occupational Hygiene solution assists occupational hygienists to effectively identify health hazards and mitigate risks, thereby providing a strategic approach towards the management of a healthy and safe work environment.



We have deep experience in implementing occupational hygiene solutions for our clients. In designing our solutions we have worked closely with occupational hygiene specialists to ensure the solution is practical and easy for end-users to use.

All organisations have processes that are unique to their business. IsoMetrix is an ultra-agile technology that can easily be tailored to provide an exact match against our customers’ requirements.

The security functionality in IsoMetrix allows for a multi-dimensional approach to system security, enabling security by organisational structure, risk discipline and user group.


What are the key features of the Occupational Hygiene solution?

Exposure Control Planning

The purpose of the Exposure Control Plan module is to eliminate or minimise employee occupational exposure to any work related activities that are known to have exposures that require protection on behalf of the employees. The module assists the hygienist in setting up:

  • Occupational exposure limits
  • Monitoring frequencies
  • Classification categories
  • Units of measure
  • Sample percentages

Hygiene Monitoring Planning

The Hygiene Monitoring Planning module assists the hygienist to plan sampling dates and times covering the exposures and activity areas identified as necessary for the ongoing management of a safe workplace for all employees.

Hygiene Monitoring

The Hygiene Monitoring module allows hygienists to record detailed sample data from chemical, biological and physical hazards that have been planned and captured in the Hygiene Monitoring Planning module for samples that need to be taken at a later stage.

Equipment Calibration Management 

The Equipment Calibration module provides hygienists with the ability to comprehensively manage a wide variety of equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected or maintained.

Centralised Libraries

The solution contains libraries for the following information which is critical for the management of occupational exposures:

  • Occupational job profiles
  • Employee information
  • Hazardous chemical agents
  • Activity areas
  • Equipment and tools

When used together with the Occupational Health module the individual’s occupational exposures are presented within the occupational health profile during medical or health surveillance


How can we help you?

Unmatched agility. Get the exact solution you need. IsoMetrix is the most flexible

GRC software solution in the market and can easily be tailored to fit your specific processes and methodologies. Designing input forms is a simple drag-and-drop process that non-technical people can carry out.

Visibility. Understand where you need to focus your efforts. The IsoMetrix dashboards, powered by QlikView, provide sophisticated dashboards that allow you to manage by exception, analysing trends and outliers, and ensuring that assigned tasks are closed out and targets reached. Real time information allows for informed decision making. All data captured into the system is immediately available in the dashboards, from which you can drill down to record level when needing to understand specific results or trends.

Efficiency. Save time. Automating the management of your Occupational Hygiene allows your management team to spend less time on clerical manipulation of spread sheets and more time actively implementing effective Occupational Hygiene strategies.

Assurance. Trust your data. Because data is only captured once, there is less room for error. All reports aggregate records from source and allow drill down to specific record details, allowing for full assurance and effective audits of the reported data.


Occupational Hygiene - Risk profile

Occupational Hygiene - Dashboard

Occupational Hygiene - Risk Rating by energy

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