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Medical Surveillance solution enables you to track medical trends; manage compliance and regulatory requirements; mitigate absences

The goal of preventative health care in the workplace is to protect the health of both employees and service providers. Preventative health care also aims to check employee fitness for work and avoid occupational accidents and illnesses.

Ensuring that employees are up to date on their medical screening and examinations can be a very time consuming exercise that is difficult to manage.

The outcome of any preventative health care programme should ensure that:

• Employees are fit for, and suited to, the work they are to do, and meet the inherent health requirements for the relevant occupation.

• The health of employees is not adversely affected by their work or working environment.

• Baseline medical information on all employees is established, especially those exposed to health hazards.

Our Occupational Health solution

The IsoMetrix Occupational Health – Medical Surveillance solution enables you to track medical trends; manage compliance and regulatory requirements; mitigate absences; and make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity.



  • Employees with injuries and illnesses, that render them unable to return to their work, are assisted with rehabilitation and workplace re-integration.
  • Monitoring employees’ state of health can be carried out on a regular basis as required (periodical examination) so as to detect occupational diseases at an early stage, thereby determining the efficacy of hazard control measures.
  • Through the analysis of the medical surveillance data, high-risk areas in need of intervention can be identified.
  • Regular interaction with employees ensures that they are adequately informed of the risks of their work (education) and the results of all medical examinations.
  • Treatable medical conditions that may render employees temporarily unable to perform their work are managed.
  • Chronic illnesses that may have no bearing on employee fitness to work, but which threaten their personal long-term health, are managed.

And many more…


What are the key features of the Occupational Health solution?

  • Chronic conditions and allergies are displayed on the first page of the Medical Profile, ensuring the attending medical practitioner is aware of these pre-existing conditions.
  • The type of medical examinations and tests can be pre-selected for the patient’s particular occupation. For example: Urine analysis, Physical examination, Physical ability assessment, Audio screening, Spirometry, Radiography, Vision screening, Biological tests, Drug and alcohol tests
  • Primary healthcare is covered for both scheduled appointments and walk-ins. This includes chronic conditions, rehabilitation, wound care and pregnancy. Recurring scheduled visits can be captured in the system together with sick leave taken. Where required, this information can be integrated into third party Human Resources systems.
  • Within medical history, more details can be captured for smokers, drinkers and drug users including consumption, quantities, dates started and ended.
  • On-site testing at the clinic can be done for alcohol and drug use and actions for management may be raised if the on-site testing returns positive results.
  • Records of Schedule 3 to 5 medication can be recorded regardless of whether it is chronic medication or not.
  • Information about allergy medication and length of time the patient has suffered from the allergy can be recorded.
  • If the IsoMetrix Occupational Hygiene solution has also been purchased, and a patient is exposed to hazardous chemical substances, the health practitioner can select the hazardous chemical substance in the Biological Testing module of the Hygiene solution. In addition, individual occupational exposures are displayed in the medical profile. These include current exposures as well as those from previous occupations or employers if available.


Why choose IsoMetrix?

Unmatched agility. Get the exact solution you need. IsoMetrix is the most flexible GRC software solution in the market and can easily be tailored to fit your specific processes and methodologies. Designing input forms is a simple drag-and-drop process that non-technical people can carry out.

Visibility. Understand where you need to focus your efforts. The IsoMetrix dashboards, powered by QlikView, provide sophisticated dashboards that allow you to manage by exception, analysing trends and outliers, and ensuring that assigned tasks are closed out and targets reached. Real time information allows for informed decision making. All data captured into the system is immediately available in the dashboards, from which you can drill down to record level when needing to understand specific results or trends.

Efficiency. Save time. Automating the management of your Occupational HealthSystem allows your management team to spend less time on clerical manipulation of spreadsheets and more time actively implementing effective Occupational Health – Medical Surveillance strategies.

Assurance. Trust your data. Because data is only captured once, there is less room for error. All reports aggregate records from source and allow drill down to specific record details, allowing for full assurance and effective audits of the reported data.

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