Integrated GRC for Oil and Gas

IsoMetrix provides the oil and gas industry with specialised solutions for the management of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions across the enterprise, from Social Management through to Health, Safety, Environment, Sustainability, Risk, Compliance and Audit, IsoMetrix is the ideal GRC tool across the full life cycle of an oil and gas project.

IsoMetrix is based on an agile application framework, an innovative technology that allows solutions to be moulded to an organisation’s specific processes and methodologies. The product’s unmatched agility is changing the market’s perception of what can be expected from a GRC solution.

A wealth of experience

GRC for Oil and GasThe first version of IsoMetrix was developed in 1996, to facilitate environmental management and achieve compliance to ISO 14001 for some of the world’s largest mining groups at the time. Since then we have continued to listen to our customers’ needs and to invest in the product so that today it not only provides functionality across all disciplines within GRC, but it also enables us to provide our customers with tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Our experience in the mining industry has shown that site-specific factors, along with corporate methodologies and procedures, make it impossible to produce a single product that accommodates the needs of all companies. The need to provide software that caters to a wide range of different requirements, fuelled by the rapid maturation of Governance, Risk and Compliance processes, and the increase in the focus on GRC at board level, has been behind the evolution of IsoMetrix into an ultra-agile solution that can easily be tailored according to a company’s size, maturity, and process complexity.

Functionality across the Oil and Gas life cycle

The IsoMetrix range of solutions will support you in managing all aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance across the life of your project.

Exploration Phase

Relevant Solutions: Compliance, Legal Register, Safety, Environmental Management

During the Exploration phase IsoMetrix will enable you to:

  • manage environmental impacts and rehabilitation of wells
  • ensure legal compliance against local and international legislation
  • manage safety protocols
Appraisal Phase

Relevant Solutions: Compliance, Legal Register, Resettlement and Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental Management

During the Appraisal phase IsoMetrix will enable you to:

  • record details of all environmental impact assessments and baseline surveys
  • manage stakeholder engagements and store details of all RAPs
  • record social baseline surveys, details of interactions with local communities, commitments made and complaints and grievances lodged
  • ensure all activities are compliant with relevant local and international legislation
  • develop an integrated management plan to address all issues identified
Development Phase

Relevant Solutions: Strategy, Governance, Ethics, Enterprise Risk Management, Resettlement, Social Management, Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management, Sustainability Management, Compliance, Legal Register.

During development IsoMetrix will help you to: 

  • identify all safety hazards and ensure that the risks inherent to these are mitigated
  • record and investigate all incidents, injuries, near misses and non-conformances
  • analyse trends so that effective preventive and corrective measures can be put in place
  • assess all environmental aspects and impacts
  • carry out regular audits and inspections
    fully manage all aspects of resettlement: assess compensation, manage grievances, begin work on livelihood restoration, human resource development of the local communities and the workforce, as well as local content management
  • access, in plain English, all sections of all laws, by-laws and codes that need to be complied with, allowing you to assess your levels of compliance and rate the effectiveness of your controls
Production Phase

Relevant Solutions: Strategy, Governance, Ethics, Enterprise Risk Management, Resettlement, Social Management, Environmental Health and Safety Management, Occupational Health and Hygiene Primary Healthcare and Wellness, Sustainability Management, Compliance, Legal Register.

Once the extraction of oil or gas is underway, IsoMetrix will help you to:

  • ensure strong implementation of continual improvement measures and achieve compliance with standards such as ISO14001 and OHSAS18001
  • monitor adherence to the commitments made in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA), as well as the Social and Labour Plan (SLP), thereby assuring the project’s licence to operate.
  • gauge the levels of compliance with these assessments and plans in real-time, greatly reducing the risk of penalty or closure
  • generate, in real-time, Sustainability reports in accordance with standards such as IIRC or GRI
  • monitor indicators such as energy, water, biodiversity, air quality, surface area change, noise and material flows, allowing for better decision-making, improving efficiencies and reducing costs
  • manage the identification and mitigation of any potential health hazards and implement risk based medical surveillance protocols. IsoMetrix provides integrated occupational health and hygiene management, along with medical surveillance, primary healthcare and wellness and clinic management to ensure your operation has adequate preventive and curative measures in place for occupational health exposure risks.
Decommissioning Phase

Relevant Solutions: Governance, Ethics, Enterprise Risk Management, Social Management, Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management, Compliance, Legal Register.

During the decommissioning phase IsoMetrix assists you to:

  • manage rehabilitation against targets agreed with the government and local community
  • manage social responsibility undertakings against targets
  • continue to manage all environmental, health and safety risks
Closure Phase

Relevant Solutions: Governance, Ethics, Social Management, Environmental Management, Compliance, Legal Register.

After decommissioning IsoMetrix assists you to: 

  • monitor the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures such as reforesting land or improving water sources, building and funding infrastructure and schools, and creating opportunities for new economic growth
  • track stakeholder engagements and progress against long-term commitments
  • monitor compliance against local and international legislation regarding plant closure

GRC for Oil and Gas benefits

IsoMetrix allows you to have a single, integrated solution for managing all disciplines within GRC, reducing complexity, removing the need for integrating different systems and databases, and providing an holistic view of the governance health of the operation. The sophisticated dashboards, powered by QlikView, allow you to manage by exception through strong trend analysis, identification of outliers, and period against period comparatives.

The flexibility of IsoMetrix GRC for oil and gas allows the solution to evolve as your operation’s requirements change, quickly and easily. Such is the agility of the product that it can easily be used to replace the spreadsheets that typically proliferate in any organisation with secure, auditable, webbased modules – for a wide range of additional applications including management of training and permits, complaint management, support desk and customer/supplier management, among others.

IsoMetrix works at all layers of your business: strategic, managerial and operational, allowing you to foster a culture of responsibility and continual improvement, with clear visibility of progress against objectives, as well as the status of assigned actions.

“Corporate governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individuals and  communal goals. The corporate governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. The aim is to align as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporations and society.” Sir Alan Cadbury

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