Experience makes South Africa the frontrunner in GRC software

Paul Marketos, a director of Metrix Software Solutions, says that South Africa is the perfect place for the world’s best Governance Risk and Compliance software to have evolved. “South Africa has been the world’s leading mining technology centre for many years. The deep levels of mining have made strong safety systems essential. There is also comprehensive environmental legislation and a widespread adoption of ISO 14001 and GRC Software Experience.” He goes on to say that the high levels of risk in doing business in developing economies such as South Africa, have also led to the development of strong Enterprise Risk Management systems.


Additionally, the King III Code of Governance, rated asamong the world’s best, has been adopted by the JSE, which in itself is rated as the world’s best securities exchange in terms of governance. This has led to South Africa being at the forefront in terms of sustainability reporting. For software to cater to such diverse requirements within the different GRC disciplines has required it to become extremely agile and adaptable, to keep pace with the ever-changing compliance, governance and reporting requirements.


As Marketos says, “All software evolves to fit a specified need. In South Africa we are fortunate that a wide range of different forces have all led to this being the perfect place for the evolution of products like IsoMetrix that are at the forefront of GRC technology.”