EnviroServ Waste Management

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Raising the waste game – with numerous components to the company’s business including management of hazardous waste; waste beneficiation; and recycling, and with expansion scheduled into Mozambique, Angola and Uganda, it was essential for EnviroServ to have a central point from which to drive the business’s SHEQ initiatives.


As a result of EnviroServ’s exponential growth and the problem of collating and chasing SHEQ data from numerous different regions, SHEQ personnel at head office were overloaded with work, mostly reactive and lacked visibility over the data being produced.


Realising they needed a central point for data management, Enviroserv investigated the option of a SHEQ software solution. The needs of the business, however, were extensive, with nuances specific to the waste industry. EnviroServ required a software solution that would match its vision in its entirety. After detailed analysis of the market, EnviroServ settled on partnering with IsoMetrix, as this enabled the company to develop a fully tailor-made solution that fulfilled its specific requirements. The flexibility provided by the IsoMetrix agile application framework enabled a customised solution to be configured, based on the standard solution template.


“The user friendliness and flexibility of IsoMetrix surpasses that of any other system I have been exposed to.” Greg Alborough Director – SHEQ: Corporate Services


EnviroServ purchased the IsoMetrix SHEQ solution and has adopted it in its entirety. It is the platform for the company’s ISO 14001 management system and provides the information required to pass annual audits. It also serves as the system to manage the ISO 17025 laboratory requirements. These laboratories carry out analysis of waste samples before they are distributed to landfill sites to establish the correct treatment for disposal. IsoMetrix enables control and monitoring of the laboratories’ performance. The company also complies with ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 using IsoMetrix.


Whilst there was some initial resistance to change at site level, management was quick to embrace IsoMetrix with its many benefits and overcame these concerns. The zero harm report, which is produced through the IsoMetrix dashboards, powered by QlikView, is distributed to all management and the Exco members daily. All level 3 to 5 incidents are reported to Exco automatically. These incidents are all logged in the Incident Manager and allow Exco to check on management involvement in incident control oversight.


The Central Action Manager dashboard displays all open and overdue actions and has resulted in a significant reduction in overdue actions. Reports detailing live data can be pulled at any time of day and give an up to date reflection of the business.


The success of the implementation of the IsoMetrix HSE+Q module has resulted in EnviroServ investing in a Headline Risk module which will manage the enterprise risk throughout the company. This will give management an overview of the company risks as well as site risks. It will incorporate risk in IT, Communication, Finance, Business Management, Security, Technical and HR/IR and produce a risk register for the group.


Another outcome of the success of the implementation of the HSE+Q solution is that EnviroServ is extending the solution outside its South African borders to Namibia, Uganda, Angola and Mozambique.


The flexibility of IsoMetrix, with its ability to integrate all risk types in one system, has resulted in a winning solution for EnviroServ.