Environmental Sustainability Software

The IsoMetrix Environmental Sustainability solution is an integrated web-based platform that is based on the requirements of ISO 14001 and incorporates the relevant clauses outlined in the ISO 26000 guidelines.

The IsoMetrix Environmental Sustainability solution is used for:

  • reviewing the company’s environmental goals
  • analysing its environmental impacts and legal requirements
  • setting environmental objectives and targets to reduce environmental impacts and to comply with legal requirements
  • establishing programmes to meet these objectives and targets
  • monitoring and measuring progress in achieving these objectives

IsoMetrix enables:

  • efficient tracking of performance against compliance and obligations
  • the organisation to meet its sustainability management and its integrated reporting needs


Typical challenges with Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability is a multidisciplinary field which focuses on finding solutions to environmental problems and the development of improvement mechanisms for environmental issues across the organisation.

The role of the HSE practitioner has typically been focused on:

  • risk assessments
  • qualitative and quantitative audits/inspections
  • incident management
  • basic environmental monitoring 
The advent of integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management and integrated reporting has significantly increased the scope
of what the environmental practitioner needs to measure, monitor and report. Ineffective systems mean that performing these tasks becomes increasingly difficult. 
Much of the information gathered has been spreadsheet based, managed in silos and often outsourced to external service providers. 
Depending on non-centralised systems is extremely inefficient.
  • Consolidation of multiple spreadsheets makes report generation extremely time consuming
  • Having data in disparate systems makes it difficult to understand and respond to
  • Visibility of trends and exceptions is low

Data security is compromised 
The result is that the environmental practitioner spends more time on the clerical tasks of chasing up instructions, compiling reports and producing statistics than focusing on monitoring the effective implementation of compliance improvements.

What are the key features of environmental sustainability?

environmental sustainability features


  • ensuring employees’ environmental awareness and competence
  • reviewing progress of mitigation and enhancement initiatives
  • reporting on environmental indicator performance

Environmental sustainability dashboardsThe IsoMetrix dashboards, powered by QlikView:

  • track performance of the monitoring results against their compliance thresholds
  • assess how effectively the impact mitigation and enhancement initiatives have been implemented

Benefits of environmental sustainability

  • Clients can quickly implement one of our template solutions or develop their own specific environmental tracking solutions, such as permit management.
  • Monitoring results from traditional paper based reporting areas, such as air and water quality, can be imported automatically into the solution.
  • Business leadership is able to view the positive and negative impacts of their business activities through dashboards. This understanding enables them to plan and strategize to mitigate negative impacts and enhance positive impacts. Mitigation and enhancement initiatives are assigned per location.
  • Environmental performance is available at the press of a button through system-generated reports which are customised to our clients’ reporting requirements.
  • The Environmental Sustainability solution integrates with IsoMetrix risk, incident, compliance, audit and inspection management.
  • The effective implementation and use of the IsoMetrix Environmental Sustainability solution will secure your environmental licence to operate.


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