Rio Tinto Coal

Rio Tinto Coal

rio-tinto-logoRiversdale Mine, based in the Moatize Basin in Tete province, Mozambique, was taken over by Rio Tinto in 2011.

Prior to takeover, Riversdale had already implemented IsoMetrix and were compliant with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. During takeover, they were introduced to a large corporation which had corporate systems entrenched; its own set methodologies and terminologies; and which based their compliance on the Rio Tinto HSEQ Management system. The IsoMetrix system needed to be transformed to accommodate Rio Tinto’s mining standards. Because IsoMetrix is agile, the business was able to do this themselves with Metrix simply reviewing their changes. The agility of the system allowed them to do this quickly and internally thus at a low cost. The mine was able to create its own operational modules.  Double reports were avoided as the system was able to supply all reports needed.

Marié Engels, Health and Safety Manager of Coal Mozambique, has enjoyed this progression with IsoMetrix. “It is easy to adapt and change according to business requirements without incurring costs,” says Engels. “Access to up to date HSE statistics and information through the dashboards assists decision making. We have been able to develop our own reports as per our BU requirements and have developed modules with triggers, email notifications and customised reports. We have over 180 users who find the system easy to use.”

“I just want to thank you for an excellent product that has provided me with a workable solution for all the Rio Tinto requirements .”

Marié Engels
Health and Safety Manager
Rio Tinto Coal Mozambique

Rio Tinto Coal Mozambique has developed modules which pertain particularly to their circumstances. Malaria, a potential killer in Mozambique, is evaluated carefully including the monthly occurrence, where the malaria patients reside, and contractors versus employees to name a few. Leadership is closely monitored and its visibility in the field is tracked including safety interactions and toolbox meetings with employees.

Lucille Hallowes, Chief Operating Officer of Metrix Software Solutions, says, “The system was configured and implemented by Metrix under Riversdale but needed significant changes after takeover by Rio Tinto. Marié Engels attended administrator training and was able to go back to Mozambique and mould the system to suit their exact requirements.” The challenge of Portuguese was overcome by building in the ability to capture key information in two languages in side by side fields and adjusting the software to cater for the special symbols used in Portuguese.

Hallowes goes on to say, “The dashboards which Rio Tinto Coal Mozambique has created are the most detailed and expansive that we have seen. RTCM has been a pioneer in covering detailed areas of Employee Safety and Occupational Health and Hygiene. They have embraced IsoMetrix and its flexibility and created the broadest possible scope of SHEQ requirements.”

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