Golder UK

Golder UK

“Three weeks—from initial request to implementation!”

Lucille Hallowes
Chief Operating Officer

Golder AssociatesGolder UK is an environmental consultancy specialising in earth, environment and energy. They approached IsoMetrix as a result of a recommendation from Golder South Africa, one of IsoMetrix’s existing channel partners.

Golder UK had been tasked with implementing a system to capture the response of Stakeholders to the High Speed 2 rail project between London and Birmingham. They approached IsoMetrix on the 3rd of December 2013 with a request for a system that would be able to be implemented and go live by Christmas of the same year.

The project brief was to capture and monitor the responses of stakeholders in order for them to be reported back to the UK Parliament. All facets of the responses needed to be captured including the form of communication; the location of the area of concern; and the nature of the concern. In addition to this, strict controls had to be put in place ensuring that there was no duplication of responses captured.

In the period of three weeks, three staff members from IsoMetrix developed and implemented a bespoke solution which was able to address all of Golder UK’s requirements without having to send any resources to the United Kingdom—the entire project was completed from South Africa.

The Golder consultants needed to be able to send summarised key reports, of stakeholders’ responses on the High Speed 2 project, to the UK Parliament. This facility was made available as well as numerous dashboards which include tables, graphs, charts, maps and gauges.

Six weeks after implementation, 6 111 responses to the planned new railway had been received, and 5 145 had been logged by ten users.

The solution was piloted on the Metrix-hosted server and then was subsequently moved to their own server in Europe for optimal speed. It will continue to be used for the duration of the High Speed 2 project, constantly monitoring and evaluating new trends which emerge from interaction with the stakeholders.

Lucille Hallowes, Chief Operating Officer of IsoMetrix and one of the three people responsible for the project, says, “The approach by Golder UK was testament to our good relationship with their South African division. It was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the absolute agility of our framework – this project would have taken other software providers months to develop. We are thrilled to be involved with this high profile project – the ultimate form of rail transport in the United Kingdom.”

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