Call centre quality assurance management system

Quality inspections on call centre agents is now a fully automated process and quality assurance is visible and actionable.

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The Quality Assurance department in Shared Services at one of Africa’s leading financial services companies took the decision to automate the quality audit process of its call centre staff and selected the IsoMetrix Quality solution for the task.


The quality assurance call centre receives incoming calls from clients logging claims in the Shared Services department. The monitoring of the quality of service during claims being logged and verified was previously a prolonged job where quality practitioners spent their time collating forms and writing reports. Counting and reporting on the ticks and crosses made during an assessment of an agent, was time consuming and costly.


By using the IsoMetrix Quality solution, these professional practitioners now select a yes or no option per category on their device. They are therefore in a position to analyse the claims process and to see what type of errors are being made and where the process is failing. They can see what should be done and can make proactive recommendations about hiring policies, staff training needs etc. This is all visible through the easy to read dashboards, embedded in the IsoMetrix software, and powered by QlikView.


The quality assurance process includes over 150 different checklists that assure the quality of the call centre. These have all been easily incorporated within the IsoMetrix solution as templates. The agility of IsoMetrix, which is built using an agile application framework that allows modules to be created using a simple drag and drop process, allowed a solution to be built that matched the bank’s Quality Assurance processes exactly.


The quality practitioners have been able to set target error rates and as soon as a trend is over this rate, a non-conformance is logged automatically.


The quality assurance department was seen as a cost centre by the business units; however with the new system the department is able to generate real-time metrics regarding business performance. Business units can now make data driven decisions and track, in real-time, the impact of their decisions.


Paul de Kock, Director of Product Strategy at IsoMetrix, says, “For obvious reasons, the system has been embraced by quality assurance practitioners. Their time has been freed up so that they can do what they are trained to do. The system has been designed to fit the bank’s processes, methodologies and terminology exactly.  As a result the change management requirements have been low and users have adapted quickly and efficiently.”


De Kock goes on to say, “Reports and trends are available in real time and are not dependent on ticks and crosses being manually entered and counted.  The dashboards work on a traffic light gauge where problem areas are indicated in red and areas in which there is full conformance are indicated in green. At a glance, one can see exactly which service offerings are experiencing problems.”